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For the latest in natural, cultured, classic, and luxurious consultations on products, natural hair, accessories, and skin caret.... check us out further. It's a lifestyle.

We're all connected with wanting the best for ourselves and our families. What you put on your skin and hair is absorbed into your body. We have a selection of safe products for men, women, and children that work. Understanding that your time is precious, we are here to help you manage your beauty routines more healthily & efficiently while maintaining only the highest level of service & attention. We have secrets to your natural lifestyle. Knowledge is power. Lets be smart and lovely!

HOW THIS WORKS: We serve as your contact partner when it comes to individual advice for your hair or skin care needs. Click the free consultation tab and lets chat it up, I promise I have a solution for your problem or concern. I can recommend natural solution oriented products, services, or simply a referral to a specialist in your area. Need a gift, simply give us some information about the receiver: man, woman, or baby, and a budget. We will put together something unforgettable with amazing packaging specialized from you.


In our selected assortment, you will find products from many different brands and manufacturers that cater to natural living for you hair, skin, and body. We offer you a large selection of the best quality goods and products for you to enjoy every time you use them. It's nice to have one place to purchase all of your favorites or try something new that has already been tested and approved. There are some new age, highly researched ingredients that our bodys crave, and we have them here.


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Visit our location for products & hair services in Charlotte. Hair services are available every 5 weeks in Miami. Contact us, come by for a consultation, or for online booking, click here.


Are you transitioning? Do you need guidance and a great look while in this stage?


Are you thinking about locks? Well, you have found the perfect place, Lockstar has created and helped cultivate hundreds of locks over the last 14 years all over the world.


Have you EVER thought about color? April is a seasoned haircolorist, It is one of her favorite things to do. We are proud to use a professional organic haircolor line on you. Don't forget to lighten your eyebrows for a refreshened look.


Do you rock your loose natural hair? We love it and we're sure to have a few styles that you have not tried!